"It could be Postcard pop or C86, The Vaselines or a 7″ you found that you thought was lost. What’s glorious, though, is that this is right now, and with each new release they renew your mind, and then again."
- The Autumn Roses

"indiepop bliss" - Indie Pop Saved My Life

"...blending aspects of Camera Obscura whilst putting on a janglier touch with the guitars."
Austin Town Hall

"Highly catchy indie pop powered with splattering guitar fuel"
Turn Up The Volume

"Their list of influences – Velocity Girl, Heavenly, Go Sailor – is immaculate, yes, but it’s their own wit and musical erudition that polishes “Nobody Walks” until it gleams."
The Autumn Roses

"Interesting fact: I got a lot of likes and retweets when I debuted the band’s Christmas song, but the majority of those came from OUTSIDE the Dallas/Fort Worth area.  Moral of the story: metroplex, you need to wake up and pay attention to this duo’s beautiful pop songs."
Ghost of Blind Lemon