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Month: July 2020

A “Beautiful and True” update!



We were sure proud of Beautiful and True, our new album that debuted June 26, but we had no idea the kind of response that was waiting for us.

This album has smashed our expectations, and we’re just legit blown away by the welcome it has been given. Where to even start?

  • Beautiful and True became our best-selling and most successful release within just a few days
  • Our limited-edition 100 CD run from Subjangle sold out in nine days
  • It showed up for a few days on the front page of Bandcamp’s jangle pop charts
  • It’s become our most successful release on streaming services by a healthy margin
  • It’s been written about and featured by a variety of publications including Fadeawayradiate, Austin Town Hall, and 50thirdand3rd

That’s the next thing we’d like to feature – some of the kind words that have been written about Beautiful and True:

Had Portland’s (via Forth Worth) The Crystal Furs been around in the late 80s – early 90s there is a possibility they would have been signed to Sarah Records, home of OG jangle pop bands like The Field Mice and The Sea Urchins. Then again with their sunny, bright melodies, they might have found themselves riding the charts alongside The Bangles.

The result is a radiant sound that recalls the works of other indie-pop darlings like Snail Mail, and Girl In Red along with seminal bands like, Camera Obscura, Throwing Muses and the aforementioned Bangles.

In the five years that I have been following the Crystal Furs, the band has survived personal and personnel changes, relocation, sadness and confusion. And with their third album, Beautiful and True, they finally arrive at the beginning, making their best music yet: happy-sounding songs, full of Vox and Farfisa organ chords, with words that convey anger, anxiety, loss, and determination. And that flip a finger to any unlucky souls who impeded their progress.

Their new album Beautiful and True actually feels more like a nostalgic indiepop record, which for me is my favorite of the genre. You’re going to get these brimming melodies throughout each track, with the rhythm section tossing out this haphazard bounce while guitars churn those sharp jangles in your ears.
Austin Town Hall

We’ve been incredibly moved by the support the world has shown Beautiful and True so far, and we’re just getting started. Thank you all! It’s good to be back!