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About The Crystal Furs

The Crystal Furs are a queer indie band from Portland, Oregon.

Rowan, Kara, and Steph

Since their formation in 2015, The Crystal Furs have combined catchy guitar-centric pop and vintage organ sounds with thoughtful, literate lyrics about anxiety, architecture, and lesbian romance. With their third studio album, “Beautiful and True,” they evolve those sounds to a new level while also venturing into new subject matter like queer rights, gentrification, and transgender identity, all set to the sunny, uptempo melodies they’re known for.

Following a move to Portland, band founder and keyboard player Kara Buchanan came out as trans and, with her spouse and longtime bandmate Steph, began exploring her true self musically. The addition of bassist Rowan Church proved to be the key to jumpstarting the new era of The Crystal Furs, and the three women put together the band’s most ambitious album to date.

“Beautiful and True” touches on topics as diverse as personal adversity, small-town malaise, body image, LGBTQ rights, lesbian love, the gentrification of neighborhoods, and transgender identity and self-discovery. The songs draw inspiration from Pacific Northwest indie pop and alt rock, queercore, punk, and lushly textured ‘60s pop to create the most diverse and layered sounds of the band’s career. It also marks the band’s first release on a label, coming out on Subjangle.

The Crystal Furs are:

  • Steph Buchanan – guitar, vocals
  • Kara Buchanan – keyboards, vocals
  • Rowan Church – bass, vocals

For more, hit us up on Bandcamp, Twitter, and Instagram!

See you soon!

~Steph, Kara, and Rowan